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weltraumarchäologie/space archealogy

von der Zivilisationsgründung der Erdlinge bis zu Ihrer Vergangenheit und Beziehung zum Sonnensystem wie Universum.
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Buzz Aldrin - der Mondfahrer......

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weltraumarchaeologie – space archaeology

03. 10. 2018

Just Another Alien Blog

Buzz Aldrin: On the Moon we were ordered by aliens to move away

Published on October 1, 2018 in Aliens/Earth/Space/UFO by admin


Here are the statements by the former astronauts:

Professor: What really happened out of Apollo 11?

Buzz Aldrin: An amazing thing, even though we have always known of this possibility. The fact is that they (aliens) have ordered us to turn away!.

Professor: What do you mean “warned to move away”?

Buzz Aldrin: I can not go into details, there are structures on the Moon, and not ours. I can only say that their ships were far superior to ours both in size and technology. Wow if you were big! … And menacing!

Professor: But NASA also sent to the moon missions after Apollo 11 ….

Buzz Aldrin: Naturally, NASA had already announced at that time, and could not risk panic on Earth .

According to the American ufologist Vladimir Azhazha, “Neil Buzz Aldrin said to Mission Control that two large unknown objects were watching him and Aldrin after landing on the moon. But this message was never heard by the public, because NASA censored it. “But a 2006 video interview made astronaut Neil Buzz Aldrin, it is analyzed the footage of the meeting between the Apollo 11:02 UFO. This was just one of many “encounters” with aliens, duration the journey to the moon.

Aleksandr Kasantesev says Buzz Aldrin made a color film of the UFO from inside the ship and continued filming them (Buzz Aldrin and himself), even when they were out. Buzz Aldrin confirmed that the story was true but refused to give more details, then admitted that the CIA wanted to hide the incident.

It should also add that for some time circulating on the Internet an audio file that contains the conversation between the astronauts and control center in Houston, captured from various terrestrial radio stations frequency ultra-fast, before NASA suppressed in the telecast that illustrated the ‘ arrival of Apollo XI on the moon (NASA despite assertions to the contrary, there was in fact a slight shift between the real-Apollo NASA communications and those relayed to the world).

Here is the full text:

Astronaut 1: But what is that?
(................................... ...........)

Buzz Aldrin: On the Moon we were ordered by aliens to move away

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